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• Established in 1978 and operated under continuous ownership and management for over 30 years.
• Headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, with additional offices in Chicago, Illinois and
Indianapolis, Indiana.
• Specialized to serve hospital-based physician practices in anesthesiology, emergency medicine,
pathology and radiology.
• Staffed with over 120 trained, certified and tenured revenue management professionals
and specialists.
• Contracted at present by more than 200 physicians in Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Missouri,
Nebraska, North Carolina, Ohio and Texas.
• Retained 5 years or more by 73% of physician practices, with 40% of existing client base retained
for over 10 years.
• Responsible for more than $200 million in annual gross physician billings, 1.5 million claims and
1.2 million annual patient statements.
• Ranked among Top 100 revenue cycle management (RCM) companies in the U.S. by HBMA.¹
• Recognized as among the Top 10% of all RCM companies in the U.S., based on volumes administered.²
• Operated since 2001 according to a Corporate Compliance Plan created under the direction of a
nationally recognized healthcare law firm.³
Healthcare Billing and Management Association
²Wallingford Capital, Washington, DC
³Bryan Cave, LLP, St. Louis, Missouri
Hawthorn Physician Services Corporation is a privately-owned, nationally-recognized
healthcare revenue cycle management (RCM) company.