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While our national healthcare system processes 15 billion claims each year, it is
estimated that 30% of these claims are rejected on first submission—and 50% of those
rejected claims are never resubmitted. This failure of attention translates to an annual
loss of more than 15% of collectible revenue.
Clients at Hawthorn Physician Services know their claims will be pursued persistently. We code and file claims
accurately, resubmit denied claims, follow up on partially paid claims and resolve unpaid balances. Hawthorn
exceeds industry standards for Average Day’s Outstanding in Accounts Receivable (A/R).²
Dedicated Team.
We will designate a team of professionals to manage the revenue cycle of your practice.
Scalable Resources.
We are an extension of your practice, and we can add resources to match your growth.
Pay for Performance.
Our fees are based on our ability to recover revenue in your behalf.
Immediate Response.
We are available to answer questions about any aspect of your financial performance.
Our record of service to physician practices is unsurpassed. Please call on us at any time
to answer questions or to prepare a detailed proposal of RCM partnership.
¹Healthcare Investment Analysis
²Hawthorn’s Average Days Outstanding in A/R: 30 days 40%; 60 days 29%; 90 days 18%