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Our transition process is thorough and seamless. We plan and execute each on-boarding project with a
customized plan that is based on our client’s specific business requirements.
• Dedicated and experienced team accountable for faultless transition
• Detailed overall plan that is vetted and approved with client feedback
• Identified tasks assigned for execution by experienced team members
• Progress and performance reviews for individual and team assignments
• Structured, scheduled meetings with milestones and progress checklists
• Client revenue projections for accurate and actionable financial planning
• Rapid provider enrollments to assure continuous claims reimbursements
• Tenured auditors and certified coders to establish performance standards
• Coding feedback consultations to analyze trends and sustain cash flow
• Continuous reporting and 24-hour account team access for service calls
At Hawthorn we know that service transitions are stressful for our clients. That’s why we have developed a proven system for
minimizing disruptions while maximizing revenue.
Hawthorn requests a 90-day notification prior to startup, and the implementation process will begin as soon as the Agreement document is executed.